MASL 3 announces regular season schedule for Eastern Conference

by Brian Ackley

TAMPA, Fla. – Major Arena Soccer League 3 will open its 2021-2022 season the weekend of Jan. 7 and 8 when four of the five Eastern Conference teams swing into action to compete for the MASL 3 East Title.

In all, 5 teams will play a full regular season schedule under the M3 banner in the Eastern Conference. Those teams include the Philadelphia Spartans, Baltimore Kings, Fredericksburg Fire, Northern Virginia (NOVA) FC, and Skyline City CF (formally Western Ville from Frederick, Maryland). The VA Marauders recently announced they will be sitting this season out, and joining in the 2022-2023 season. 

“I know our teams are anxious to get started, especially being all new teams in the east which should develop some great immediate rivalries given their geographic closeness,” M3 Commissioner Chris Economides said. “We know with the success of teams like the Baltimore Blast (MASL) and heavy indoor soccer participation at both the youth and adult levels in the region, there are lots of indoor soccer fans in the mid-Atlantic that will come out to support teams in their hometowns.”

The Baltimore Kings and Philadelphia Spartans will host games on opening weekend. Following is the regular season schedule for the Eastern Conference (note: start times subject to change):

Philadelphia Spartans: XL Sports World Mt. Laurel / XL Sports Hatfield

Saturday January 8th v NOVA FC 8:30pm

Sunday January 23rd @ Skyline City FC 3pm

Sunday January 30th @ Baltimore Kings 9pm

Saturday February 5th @ Skyline City 7pm

Saturday February 12th @ Fredericksburg Fire 7pm

Sunday February 27th v Fredericksburg Fire FC 6pm

Saturday March 5th v Baltimore Kings 8pm

Friday March 11th v Skyline City FC 6pm

Sunday March 13th v Baltimore Kings FC 6pm

Sunday March 20th @ NOVA FC 6pm

Baltimore Kings: SERRC Arena/Facility

Friday January 7th v Skyline City 7:30pm

Saturday January 15th @ Fredericksburg Fire 7pm

Sunday February 23rd v NOVA FC 9pm

Sunday January 30th v Philadelphia Spartans 7:30pm

Sunday February 6th  v Fredericksburg Fire 9pm

Saturday February 12th @ NOVA FC 8pm

Sunday February 27th @ Skyline City 6pm

Saturday March 5th @ Philadelphia Spartans 8pm

Sunday March 13th @ Philadelphia Spartans

Sunday March 20th v Skyline City FC 9pm

Skyline City FC: Frederick Indoor Sports Center 

Friday January 7th @ Baltimore Kings 7:30pm

Sunday January 16th @ NOVA FC 6pm

Sunday January 23rd v Philadelphia Spartans 3pm

Saturday January 29th v Fredericksburg Fire 7pm

Saturday February 5th v Philadelphia Spartans 7pm

Saturday February 19th v NOVA FC 7pm

Sunday February 27th v Baltimore Kings 6pm

Sunday March 6th @ Fredericksburg Fire 6pm

Friday March 11th @ Philadelphia Spartans 8:30pm

Sunday March 20th @ Baltimore Kings FC 9pm

Northern VA FC: Winchester Sportsplex 

Saturday January 8th @ Philadelphia Spartans 8:30pm

Sunday January 23rd @ Baltimore Kings 9:00pm

Sunday January 30th v Fredericksburg Fire 6pm

Saturday February 5th @ Fredericksburg Fire 7pm

Saturday February 12th v Baltimore Kings TBD

Saturday February 19th @ Skyline City FC 7pm

Sunday February 20th v Skyline City FC 6pm

Saturday March 5th @ Fredericksburg Fire 7pm

Sunday March 13th v Fredericksburg Fire 6pm

Sunday March 20th v Philadelphia Spartans 6pm

Fredericksburg Fire: Fredericksburg Field House 

Saturday January 15th v Baltimore Kings 7pm

Saturday January 29th @ Skyline City FC 7pm

Sunday January 30th @ NOVA FC 6pm

Saturday February 5th v NOVA FC 7pm

Sunday February 6th  @ Baltimore Kings 9:00pm

Saturday February 12th v Philadelphia Spartans FC 7pm

Sunday February 27th @ Philadelphia Spartans 6pm

Saturday March 5th v NOVA FC 7pm

Sunday March 6th v Skyline City FC 6pm

Sunday March 13th @ NOVA FC 6pm

For more information make sure to follow the teams social media pages. Stay tuned for more announcements in regards to the playoff structure and Midwest Conference 2022 Heartland Cup schedule format and dates.